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Oh the joy and quietude of cross-country skiing in New Hampshire; traversing open hills and fields, passing silently by a beaver pond or gliding through glades of evergreen; or the spectacle of surprising a deer or moose as it exits its snow-covered hideaway...

Enjoy the serenity of making the first track across a pristine snow covered golf course or wind blown lake by the natural light of a winter moon.

These are the wonders of cross-country skiing in New Hampshire. The state abounds with Nordic ski centers of which many are centralized in a single area allowing for the sampling of multiple managed terrains. There are miles of groomed trails for skating and striding or outer trails for blazing your own track with the added advantage of skiing for hours without seeing anything but the wildlife.

Come to New Hampshire and enjoy all of the cross-country wonders it has to offer.

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Deb Flanders: Observations on the ski racing scene
Deb Flanders: Observations on the ski racing scene

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