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Ice Fishing in Southern New Hampshire

Relaxation. Excitement. Rewards. - Ice fishing in New Hampshire is the ultimate experience. What better way to relax than to sit on a lake or pond taking in all of the beauty New Hampshire has to offer? Looking for more? What could be more exciting than the cry of "FLAG" announcing the first trophy of the day or more rewarding than fresh fish for dinner? Ice fishing can be a family affair, but it is great to have other ice activities planned also. A big part of this winter sport is anticipation and the wait. Bring your ice skates or build a snow fort. Frozen lakes and ponds have a myriad of animals and birds; go wildlife tracking and see who can identify the most tracks.

The abundance of lakes and ponds in New Hampshire make it an ideal destination for ice fishing. Plus, in New Hampshire there is always a good supply of fish to catch and different lakes offer different species. The NH Fish and Game Department manages the fish population by stocking the waters with many types. Visit their website at for rules, regulations and license requirements.Here are a few guidelines for ice safety from the NH Fish and Game's brochure "Safety on Ice":

  • Never assume the ice-on any water body-is thick enough to support your weight. Check it! Start at the shoreline and, using an auger, spud or axe, make test holes at intervals as you proceed. As a rule of thumb, (for new, clear ice) there should be a minimum of 4 to 6 inches of ice to support a few, well-dispersed people; 6 to 7 inches for small, on-foot, group activities; and at least 8 to 10 inches for snowmobile activities. (Ice thickness recommendations are based on information from the Cold Regions Research Laboratory in Hanover, N.H.)
  • If ice at the shoreline is cracked or squishy, stay off. Don't go on the ice during thaws. Avoid honeycombed ice, dark snow and dark ice.
  • Ice is generally thinner where there is moving water, such as at inlets and outlets, around wharves, bridge abutments, islands, and objects that protrude through the ice.
Be safe and enjoy!

Ice Fishing in Southern NH

Do not forget your pole or bourbon.

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